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Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Kirara Asuka in Sailor Girl Uniform

Japanese beauties Kirara Asuka showed her cuties again in wearing a sexy sailor girl uniform and school girl looks like. She said she just like a sailor moon with the uniform.

Kirara Asuka just awarded as Best Actress at the Sky PerfecTV! AV Broadcasting Awards 2009.

Fans can watch Kirara Asuka new movie "Graduation" released in September 2009

Photos of Kirara Asuka in School Girl. Very cute.
kirara asuka school girl

kirara asuka school girl

kirara asuka school girl

Photos of Kirara Asuka in Sailor Girl. Like a sailor moon.
kirara asuka sailor girl

kirara asuka sailor girl

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Kirara Asuka As Office Lady Video

Kirara Asuka is the hottest stuff now in Japan. The Tokyo girl who just crowned as Best Actress 2009 in AV Awards, can make men's eyes open 24 hours to watch her beautiful face and body.

Kirara Asuka 明日花キララ debut video Miracle Bust give a chance to view her 90-centimetres miracles.

Now, watch the free video of Kirara Asuka. Watch and download Kirara Asuka as office Lady (エロすぎる保険外交員!) here:

Kamis, 26 November 2009

Kirara Asuka Best Actress at 2009 AV awards

TOKYO – You’ve come a long way, baby, and in such a short time.

Slightly more than a year after her video (AV) debut, “Miracle Bust,” Kirara Asuka was crowned Best Actress at the Sky PerfecTV! AV Broadcasting Awards 2009 ceremony last month.

“I am delighted,” gushed the 20-year-old actress, attired in a shimmering, low-cut evening gown that gave the assembled crowd numerous chances to view her 90-centimeter miracles.

The light-hearted event, in its fifth year and held in a theater within the love hotel area of Tokyo’s Shibuya district, was a mix of ceremonies and competitions for the top 15 female performers from the lineup of channels on satellite broadcaster Sky PerfecTV!, which provides numerous fetish, bondage, and animation programming.

As a quick Internet search will reveal, Asuka, representing Rainbow Channel, is recognized as one of Japan’s budding AV talents. The selection then of Cherry Bomb’s Haruka Ito as Best New Actress from a field of nominees that included Asuka was likely considered something of an upset. Ito, for whom the event’s guide describes as “very pure” and with a shining smile, was incredibly appreciative. “This is not just mine,” said the newcomer, “it’s the result of the support of everyone.”

Industry insiders estimate that today there are hundreds of companies making more than 3,000 porn features a year in Japan with a market value of ¥100 billion. Though the productions can be completed in a matter of days, this is a substantial figure considering data from The Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan reported that 418 regular Japanese films were released in theaters last year.

Yuma Asami, who last year took the Most Appearances crown, made a guest showing to present the award to this year’s winner, 40-year-old Chisato Shoda (Dynamite TV), who is known for her maternal roles in incest-themed features.

“Simply, I am surprised,” beamed the actress most likely to make a pass at her on-screen son. Perhaps an unpleasant omen to her fans, however, was her apprehensive agreement with the MC when he suggested that her number of films had actually been decreasing lately.

Aside from the simple math that tabulated Shoda’s win, the trophies were determined through a combination of organizational committee and online voting by fans, which took into account the roughly 10,000 programs broadcast in 2008.

Other winners included Emiko Koike (Power Plat’s), 33, who was voted Best Mature Actress, the title Shoda claimed in 2007. Paradise TV was represented by Momo Kaede, who took the Best Program prize for her contributions to the channel’s “Nude Sign Language News,” which sees the actress delivering news segments via sign language and disrobing in between motions. Asuka finished the evening double-fisted, also walking away with the award for Best Production in HD (high definition), in which the idol starred as a sex worker (”Kirara’s Amazing Technique: Soap Pro”).

The evening’s proceedings started with three tests of skill, for which the ladies were dressed in sneakers, pink shorts and white tank tops and placed within a mock classroom. Audience applause determined the winner of each examination.

In the erotic reading competition, the crowd selected Anje Hoshi (Channel Ruby) for having skillfully conveyed the tale of a nurse who assisted a male patient in relieving excess sexual tension. Midnight Blue’s Kotono won a game of charades, which tested the ability to visually describe such random items as a banana, a condom, and lotion. Kaho Kasumi (Manzox Channel), who last summer participated in Paradise TV’s 24-hour AIDS telethon by selling products live on the air, took the “air sex” contest by showing great interest in the MC’s microphone as he held it in his crotch area.

Yet for being deemed the most kinky performer in the three battles, Kasumi’s “penalty” was to dazzle the crowd by stripping down from her competition uni behind a transparent screen and emerge in a black, skin-fitting bunny suit and fishnet stockings. “The costume is a bit snug,” said Kasumi, who then added that she would do her best to continue with her erotic ways in the future.

Just before the ceremony concluded with the usual panty-toss to the audience by the participating girls, last year’s Best Actress recipient, Rio, took the stage to offer some words of encouragement to the new AV queen.

“After I won I had such a great year and received tremendous support from my fans,” Rio told Asuka, gripping the translucent statue. “I hope you will use this as an opportunity to further excel in your career.”

Kirara Asuka Profile and Vital Stats :

Name: Kirara Asuka 明日花キララ
Birthdate: 1988-10-02
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 162 cm
Body Measurements: Bust:90cm Waist:58cm Hips:83cm
Special skill: Bridge

Rabu, 11 November 2009

Kirara Asuka and Rio Hamasaki Double Cast

Kirara Asuka has her rival now "Rio Hamasaki". Both of them born in 1988, has a large fans, and of course has a sexy burning body.

Kirara Asuka may be prettier than Rio Hamasaki, more beautiful and cutier. Their works can be watched at Beautiful Big Breasts Double Cast Woman Teachers

Kirara Asuka vs. Rio Hamasaki

Kirara Asuka
Kirara Asuka
Birthdate: October 2, 1988
Zodiac: Libra
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 162 cm (5 ft 4 in)
Measurements: 90-58-83 cm (35-23-33 in)
Cup size: G
Hobby: Eating
Special skill: Bridge

Rio Hamasaki
Rio Hamasaki
Alias: Erika Morishita (森下えりか), Erika Shinohara (篠原絵梨香), Rio (里緒), IZUMI
Birthdate: June 11, 1988
Zodiac: Gemini
Birthplace: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Measurements: 93-57-85 cm (37-22-33 in)
Cup size: H
Hobby: Shopping
Special skill: Nail art, volleyball

Kirara Asuka in Graphis Bikini Photos

Kirara Asuka has an awesome beaautiful big breast, H Cup size. Her beautiful body extremely showed in Double Cast Woman Teachers, played together with Rio Hamasaki.

Kirara Asuka photos showed her stunned beauty body and face, from

Some photos showed her bikini she wore on the beach.

kirara asuka graphis bikini

kirara asuka graphis bikini

kirara asuka graphis bikini

kirara asuka graphis bikini

kirara asuka graphis bikini

Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Kirara Asuka Full Body T Shirt

Are you a big fans of Kirara Asuka ? yeah, you can have this T Shirt with Kirara Asuka face as the cover. The T Shirt has a word "Kirara Asuka meets T-Box".

Many style of Kirara Asuka in the TShirt. Full face, or standing with no dress, showing her full body.

Kirara Asuka T Shirt Photos here

kirara asuka tshirt

kirara asuka tshirt

kirara asuka tshirt

kirara asuka tshirt

kirara asuka tshirt

Kirara Asuka in Japan Kimono Dress

Kirara Asuka, wears a traditional Japan Dress, or well known as Kimono. Kirara looks so naive and old style with the kimono, but there must be a hidden agenda behind that. May be Kirara Asuka will shoot a movie with the kimono style.

Kirara Asuka with Kimono japanese traditional dress photos and pictures :

kirara asuka kimono

kirara asuka kimono

kirara asuka kimono
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